We all want to protect our boats from fouling, don't we? But we also know that antifouling paints we use are not good for the marine environment. Every year, tons of antifouling paint end up in our oceans and waterways, killing marine life. MacGlide antifouling film offers an environmentally friendly solution - it protects the hull from fouling and saves fuel.

We all have a responsibility to protect our planet. Protect your boat without using toxic paints: use MacGlide!

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What is MacGlide

Boat owners in Europe use nearly 150,000 tons of antifouling paint containing biocides every year. Every square meter of antifouling paint contains around 15 grams of biocides, which can pollute 150,000 cubic meters of water. Therefore, it's easy to see the impact on marine life, especially when you consider that a 30-foot yacht has 25 square meters of submerged hull.

Sail responsibly with MacGlide fouling release film.

Increased efficiency

Reduce fuel consumption by 5 to 6%.

Increase speed by 4 to 5% depending on the hull type.


Fouling releases at speeds of 7-8 knots.

Remove stains with a sponge or a soft brush.

Reduced maintenance

Reduced osmosis by ensures
a lower moisture content in the hull.

Lower maintenance costs over a 5-year period.

Protect marine life and reduce costs.

Thanks to its anti-fouling properties, MacGlide antifouling film prevents the colonization of marine microorganisms on the hull in the same way as antifouling paint, but without releasing toxic substances into the water, while also serving as an anti-osmotic coating.

MacGlide is an innovative anti-fouling solution that allows you to sail responsibly in cleaner waters while saving money at the same time.

5 Year Warranty

By having MacGlide antifouling installed by a certified applicator, you receive a manufacturer's warranty lasting for 5 years!

Adhesive films are not only cheaper than paint but are also easier to apply, and there's no need to park your boat in a paint booth to change its appearance: adhesive film can even be applied outdoors.

Mactac and we see environmental responsibility as an integral part of good corporate citizenship and a crucial role in the products we manufacture, the processes we employ, and the research and development activities we undertake.

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